To Eat & Drink

Offering hearty home cooked meals, daily specials board and a delicious roast dinners on a Sunday, it’s no wonder The Royal Oak is a firm favourite for all the family!

Our Menu


Seasonal Soup of the Day £4.50

Made with fresh market vegetables, served with warm bread.

Beef Brisket Nuggets £5.95

Slow cooked chunks of brisket, coated in crispy onions & Panko crumb 7.

Pork & Apple Pate £4.95

Apple pickle, toasted sourdough.

Pottered Hartington Stilton £5.25

Topped with sweet pickle pear, Walnut bread.

Pan Fried Mushrooms £5.50

Cream, garlic & herb sauce, ciabatta bread.

Asian Prawns £5.85

Dipping sauce & charred lime.

Halloumi Fry Up £5.25

Topped with crispy onion & herb salad & a sweet sticky sauce.

Garlic Ciabatta £2.50

Garlic and herb topped ciabatta.

Garlic Ciabatta and Cheddar £3.00

Garlic and herb topped ciabatta with melted cheddar cheese.


Starters to Share

Nachos £4.95

Fried corn tortillas topped with melting cheese, Add your toppings 50p each.

  • Tomato & coriander salsa
  • Chili cheese sauce
  • Jalapeno
  • Charred lime sour cream
  • Guacamole

Meat, Cheese & Breads £8.90

Selected charcuterie, cheese, marinated olives, oils & warm breads.


The Royal Oak Favourites

Full Crust Pie £8.95

Ask for today’s pie filling,

Chips & seasonal vegetables.

Charred Pork Loin £9.95

Smothered in apple & cider sauce,

New potatoes & Seasonal vegetables.

Homemade Beef Lasagne £8.95

With Garlic Ciabatta & Green salad.

BBQ Chicken £9.95

Bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce,

Chips & salad.

Mushroom Stroganoff £8.95

Rich spiced sauce, peppers on steamed rice.

Pan roasted Salmon £11.95

Seasoned new potatoes, Tarragon sauce & seasonal vegetables.

Three Bean Chilli £8.95

Steamed rice, garlic bread & salad.

Whitby Scampi £8.95

Deep fried till golden brown, tartare sauce, chips & peas and salad.

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Ravioli £9.95

Cherry tomato, garlic & herb sauce.

House Curry £9.95

Ask what our chef has made today,

Steamed rice, poppadum & onion salad.



Chargrilled Chicken Caesar £8.95

Romaine Lettuce, Chargrilled chicken, bacon & garlic croutons, Caesar dressing.

Goat Cheese & Walnuts £8.50

Grilled goats cheese on toasted sourdough, apple, walnuts and mixed leaves.

Prawn & lemon mayo £9.95

Mixed leaves & herbs.  Prawns coated in light lemon mayo.


From The Grill

All served with slow roast tomato, Mushrooms in herb butter,

Seasoned chips and garden peas.

All grills are dry aged and seasoned with our steak seasoning.

80z Sirloin £15.95

12oz Rump £13.95

8oz Lamb Steak £13.95

80z Gammon £9.95

Served with fried egg and fresh charred pineapple

The Mighty Oak Grill £16.95

6oz Rump steak, 4oz Gammon steak, Butchers sausage,

Lamb Chop, & black pudding


Sauces £1.95

Peppercorn & sherry

Blue cheese & thyme

Brazilian herb sauce

Grill butter

Red wine & rosemary


Add to your Grill

Side of Scampi £2.95

Onion rings £2.00


Oven Baked Pizzas

11 inch Italian dough, topped with our homemade tomato sauce, and mozzarella.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Rocket & Parmesan

BBQ beef, Peppers & Onions

Ham, Pineapple & Baby Spinach

Goats Cheese, Pesto & Olives

Chargrilled Chicken, Bacon & BBQ sauce

Ham, Brie & Rocket




Chips £2.50

Onion rings £2.00

Cheesy chips £3.00

Garlic Ciabatta £2.50

Chopped salad £1.75

Garlic bread & cheese £3.00

Fresh Vegetable bow £1.75

Breaded Mushrooms & Garlic Mayo £3.50


The Royal Oak Burgers


Chargrilled 8oz Beef patty, toasted brioche bun, sliced tomato, lettuce.

Served with chips, salad & coleslaw

Plain and Simple £9.95

As above, with Burger Relish.

Shroom Burger £10.75

Topped with Roasted Garlic Mushroom & Blue cheese with mayo.

Mighty Oak £10.25

Topped with Monterey Jack Cheese, Back Bacon and Burger Relish.

Burn Tenders £10.75

Topped with Slow cooked BBQ Beef Brisket & Melting Cheddar with BBQ Sauce.

Southern Fried Chicken £9.25

Crisp Coated Chicken Breast with mayo.

Squeaky Cheese £9.25

Chargrilled Halloumi, Roast Pepper and onions with sweet chilli sauce.


Small Portions

Homemade Beef Lasagne £5.50

Served with a side salad and garlic ciabatta.

Whitby Breaded Wholetail Scampi £5.95

Served with homemade chips, fresh salad, and garden peas.

40z Gammon £5.50

Served with homemade chips, garden peas, fried egg, charred pineapple and tomato.

6oz Rump £6.95

Served with homemade chips, garden peas, mushrooms and charred tomato.

Tomato and Basil Pasta £4.50

Fusilli pasta in a tomato and basil sauce served with garlic ciabatta.

Chicken Chunks £4.95

Served with chips and baked beans.

Margarita Pizza £4.50

Served with chips and baked beans.

Bangers and Mash £5.50

Pork sausages and mash potato served in a Yorkshire pudding with garden peas and gravy.




All served with dressed side salad. On white bloomer or granary bread £4.95 or crusty baguette £6.50.

Home roasted ham – Tomato, pickle or mustard

Free range egg – Mixed with mayo & fresh watercress

Tuna – Cucumber & lemon mayo

Mature Cheddar – Onion, pickle or Tomato

Prawns – Lettuce, lemon & cocktail sauce £5.95/£7.50


Hot sandwiches

All served with dressed side salad. On white bloomer or granary bread £5.25 or crusty baguette £6.95.

Bacon Butty – Red or Brown sauce

Grilled sausage – Fried onions

Chip Butty – Chips in bread……done

Bacon & cheese – Cheddar, Blue or Brie



A bowl or our freshly made soup of the day to start then choose from one of the fillings below on a white bloomer or granary bread.

Home roasted ham, Tuna Mayo or Cheddar Cheese.


Baked pots £6.50

Slow cooked to get a good crisp skin, buttered and topped with your choice below, dressed salad on the side.

Cheddar Cheese


Homemade Three Bean Chilli

Tuna & lemon mayonnaise

Prawns & cocktail sauce £7.50


For more information or for any information about dietary needs please get in touch with us!








We aim for “informal excellence” so come as you are, sit where you wish, eat as little or as much as you want and just enjoy an honest experience-what is written on the menu will come on your plate at a price that offers value for money.